Birth of Huntley Grace

On Saturday the 7th of September I got a message from Alex, saying she felt like she's go into labour today or tomorrow, having started to feel slight contractions since Friday night.

I was so excited, I made sure all my bags and cameras were packed and everything was ready. Keeping in touch every day to see how she was doing, this amazing mother to be was still in so much pain waiting for labour to start.

You can imagine the excitement when I get a call at 10:59am Wednesday to say she had gone into labour!

Alex was amazing, with her family around to support her and her incredible partner by her side the entire time, watching them tell each other why the love each other through painful contractions was incredibly special to witness.

When baby still wasn't coming, this special mum was rushed into an emergency c-section, sitting waiting with her family was so tough, growing to feel so connected to this family, my heart raced imagining what they were going through.

At 12:23am on the 12th of September, Huntley Grace Windt was born weighing 5 pounds 4 ounces, measuring at 44cm.

It was an honour to be apart of this special moment with this family.